About Linda

Hi, I’m Linda Coles, an English woman now living in New Zealand.

I’ve written marketing books and a couple of romance books, and have now settled on crime as my chosen genre, since that’s what I enjoy reading the most.

I developed the DS Amanda Lacey series back in 2017 and have watched her and her colleagues grow over the stories, through their work as well as their personal lives. Jack Rutherford is her work partner, and is a bit of a ‘Maigret’; as for Amanda herself, I can’t think of anyone she’d be like except maybe like lots of women. She’s honourable, savvy, loving and wears well-polished Doc Martin boots with her sensible work suit, so that should tell you something of her nature. Together the duo work the strangest of crimes in Croydon, UK. I do like to give them both modern cases to solve, quite often involving the dark web for a bit of extra intrigue.

My office is next to my vegetable patch, and my ‘kids’ consist of 5 goats, 2 cats and my husband. Together, we come up with the stories for you to enjoy. I hope you get to know and love the characters as much as I do.

Here’s to good stories and great friends!

Drop me a line and say hello.

Linda Coles office deck

A favourite writing place - the front deck in New Zealand

My writing companions

My writing buddies - a small herd of five glorious goats.

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