Dark Service - Book 3

Dark Service by Linda Coles

Croydon Detectives DC Jack Rutherford and DS Amanda Lacey investigate a string of unusual yet personal thefts in this suspenseful story fit for the technological age.

The dark web can satisfy any taste, but two detectives might just pull the plug…

Taylor wakes frightened and alone in an unfamiliar hotel room with a near shaved head and a warning… tell no one.

As detectives Amanda Lacey and Jack Rutherford investigate, they venture deep into the underbelly of the dark web. The traumatized woman is only the latest victim in a decade-long string of disturbing thefts.
To take down a black market, they’ll go undercover.

But just when justice seems within reach, an unexpected event sends their sting operation spiraling out of control.

Their only chance at catching the culprits lies with a local reporter… and a scandal that could ruin them all.
 If you like a modern-day suspense and exploring

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A little more on Dark Service

Oh this was such fun to research! There are fetishes of anything you can imagine, some pretty gross and weird, some you’d wonder just how someone would get something from it – like fixating on feet, for instance. Each to their own eh?

Enter the dark web and all that it has for sale. Add in a fetish or two and a couple of detectives and you’ve got the makings of a fascinating story you won’t want to put down.

I introduce a couple of great new characters in here that I hope to include again in another book ­– and I think you’ll agree at the end, you’ll want to read more of them too. They’ll have their own tales to tell I’m sure.

Dark Service by Linda Coles

© Copyright Linda Coles
New Zealand

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