Get Hot to Kill

Book 2

She’s literally getting away with murder…

Madeline Simpson is hot, sticky, and pissed off.

She’s had it up to here with people treating her like dirt, and the hot flashes certainly aren’t helping. When her temper causes her to accidentally murder her landscaper, she expects to live out the rest of her menopause in prison.

But the cops have their hands full with a series of sexual assaults…

Feeling above the law, Madeline aims to teach her biggest offenders a lesson. While her pranks take a dark and dangerous turn, Madeline begins to suspect the true identity of the serial sex offender.

To catch the culprit, Madeline will have to go it alone… or risk unburying her deadly secrets.

Hot to Kill is the standalone second installment in the Detective Amanda Lacey mystery series. If you like small-town crime dramas, firecracker characters, and strong female protagonists, then you’ll love the latest whodunnit from international bestselling author Linda Coles.

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