One Last Hit - Book 5

One Last Hit

A tough detective. A family on the rocks. The greatest danger may come from inside his own house…

Detective Duncan Riley has always worked hard to maintain order on the streets of Manchester. But when a series of incidents at home cause him to worry about his wife's behaviour, he finds himself pulled in too many directions at once.

After a colleague Amanda Lacey asks for his help with a local drug epidemic, he never expected the case would infiltrate his own family…

If you like British crime dramas featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love this suspenseful domestic tale of deadly deceit and divided loyalties.

And a situation that spirals out of control.

One Last Hit is a standalone novel in the gritty DS Amanda Lacey contemporary suspense series.

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A little more on One Last Hit

I read a book on real FBI cases and one of the true stories sowed the seed of what I’ve written about here. Would it be possible for the wife of a detective to do what she did – and get away with it?

For the story to get so far, Sam needed a reason, and that reason caused the personal and work worlds of her husband to collide with catastrophic results.

One Last Hit by Linda Coles

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