Hey You, Pretty Face - Book 6

An abandoned infant. Three victims stolen in the night. Can one overworked detective find the connection to save them all?

London, 1999. Short-staffed during Christmas week, Detective Jack Rutherford can’t afford to spend time on the couch with his beloved wife. With a skeleton staff, he’s forced to handle a deserted infant and a trio of missing girls almost single-handedly. Despite the overload, Jack has a sneaking suspicion that the baby and the abductions are somehow connected…

As he fights to reunite the girls with their families before Christmas, the clues point to a dark secret that sends chills down his spine. With evidence revealing a detestable crime ring, can Jack catch the criminals before the girls go missing forever?

Hey You, Pretty Face is a standalone mystery featuring relentless Detective Jack Rutherford some years before he met Detective Amanda Lacey.

Unravel a missing persons mystery today! 

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A little more on Hey You, Pretty Face

I thought it was about time we found out more about Detective Jack Rutherford, and what makes him the kind-hearted detective we already know him to be. With that in mind, I went back to a freezing winter in Croydon and found him the perfect case.

Hey You, Pretty Face is set back in 1999, before the technology that exists today and when Jack’s beloved Janine was still alive. We meet DC Rutherford as he is attempting to solve what appears to be two separate cases single-handedly over Christmas.

Being the kind of man he is, Jack sets out to find the mother of a Christmas foundling and ends up embroiled in a much bigger case, one that will pull at your heartstrings as it unfolds.

Will everything fall neatly into place at the end? There’s only one way to find out.

Hey You, Pretty Face by Linda Coles

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