The Hunted - Book 3

They kill wild animals for sport. She’s about to return the favour…

Phillipa is fed up with the big-game hunter posts clogging up her newsfeed. The passionate veterinarian can no longer sit back and do nothing when hunters brag about the exotic animals they’ve murdered and the followers they’ve gained along the way…

To stop the killings, Phillipa creates her own endangered list of hunters. By stalking their profiles and infiltrating their inner circles, she vows to take them out one-by-one…

There’s no telling how far Phillipa will go to add the guilty to her own trophy collection. And she won’t stop until their kind is extinct…

The Hunted is a suspenseful mystery set in the Detective Amanda Lacey series. If you like eclectic characters, untamed adventures, and revenge stories fit for the technological age, then you’ll love this thrilling tale from international bestselling author Linda Coles.

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A little more about The Hunted

I was abhorred by a glut of big-game-hunter trophy killings littering my own newsfeeds and a simple comment by a friend – ‘someone should do the same to them’ ­– got me thinking. Perhaps a vigilante woman could take on the hunters so they became the hunted.  So that was that.

Using the technology most of us use today, Philippa sets out on her own mission as trophy hunter – in her own dangerous way. From reviews and comments I’ve received, it’s a story where the reader finds themselves on the side of the perpetrator for a change, as she sets about her mission with gusto. And DS Amanda Lacey investigates until it becomes a little close for comfort.

The Hunted by Linda Coles

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