What Will Be

What Will Be

A brutal murder. A friend in jeopardy. A steadfast sleuth.

When a new cold case initiative is launched, cab driver and grave digger Will Peters could never know just how close he is to one of the crimes committed nearly twenty years ago.

A man ferociously beaten to death in a derelict shoe factory soon becomes the focus of his unwavering attention.

Someone knows what went on that night. That someone needs to start talking.

With the help of ex-con Birdie Fox and elderly hard-nosed trade unionist Stanley Kipper, Will sets about finding them.

But it’s bittersweet and Will soon finds himself with an impossible moral dilemma. Tell the police what he’s uncovered or keep quiet and pray they don’t arrive at the same conclusion?

Is he strong enough for either?

If you enjoy rich characters and a little humour sprinkled through your British crime, then you’ll love the Will Peters series. Perfect for fans of Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club and The Man Who Died Twice.

© Copyright Linda Coles
New Zealand

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