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One man’s courage could save man’s best friend…

Pete is trying his best to get on the right side of the tracks. Dog-napping spoiled pets for ransom money seems harmless, and he could really use the cash. All he has to do is locate targets with his drone and tell the gang where to find them. It’s easy money, until Pete learns what’s really happening to the dogs…

When the gang starts to sell the canine captives as bait for an underground fight ring, Pete changes sides in a hurry. With help from local detective Amanda Lacey, they have one chance to hatch a daring rescue. But will they be in time to save the kidnapped dogs from torment and certain death?

The Controller is a mystery novella set in the Detective Amanda Lacey series of novels. If you like small-town crime dramas, authentic characters, and dogs, then you’ll love this thrill-ride from international bestselling author Linda Coles.

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Most of my day is spent writing for others with my digital marketing work but come the evening, I change into someone quite different – topic wise that is.

I’ve published three marketing books, which you can find here, plus two more novels with a more romantic theme under a pen name. If you discover them, I hope you like them but the idea of a pen name is to separate them from your main brand to avoid confusion. I’ll give you a hint though, she’s called Lucy.

Back to thrillers. I’m just about to start my third one, my second Hot To Kill being published around Easter 2017. It's just getting the editor's treatment at the moment but rest assured it will be great! In the mean time, you can subscribe to my newsletter list as a thriller author, which will be completely different stuff from my Blue Banana digital marketing news, so do subscribe! And keep in touch.

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