If you love a good suspense story that deals with modern-day issues using the tools of our technological times, then you’ll enjoy the stories written by me, Linda Coles.

If I had to suggest books you might have read that would see you enjoying these, I’d say the stories and writing are a mixture of Ian Rankin with a dash of Rachel Abbott and a splash of James Patterson. These wonderful people are also among my most favourite authors and I’m working my way through their back-lists.

The DS Amanda Lacey series starts with The Controller, but don’t feel you have to start at the beginning if a title grabs you, each book works well as a standalone.

I hope you enjoy the characters in the stories; I’ve loved creating each and every one of them. Lastly, every author appreciates the reviews readers leave on Amazon, so please spare a moment to give the book a star rating and a few words when you can.

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The latest installment from Linda Coles - out now!

Dark Service by Linda Coles

A tough detective. A family on the rocks. The greatest danger may come from inside his own house…

Detective Sergeant Duncan Riley has always worked hard to maintain order on the streets of Manchester. But when a series of incidents at home cause him to worry about his wife's behaviour, he finds himself pulled in too many directions at once. After a colleague Amanda Lacey asks for his help with a prescription drug epidemic, he never expected the case would infiltrate his own family…

As Riley and Lacey trace the drugs to a dangerous prepaid app, a scary situation with Riley's children takes his marriage to the breaking point. Little does he know that his home and work lives are about to collide, and the detectives may not survive the aftermath.

One Last Hit is a standalone novel in the gritty DS Amanda Lacey contemporary suspense series. If you like riveting drama, close-to-home crimes, and cops on the trail of justice, then you'll love Linda Coles' street-smart thrill-ride.

Fancy starting the series from the beginning?

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